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The One Day Privacy CheckUp©

It's Just Good Business©

The Bennett Gold One Day Privacy CheckUp© will help you determine how well your business is organized to meet the requirements of the new law that protects the privacy of personal information (PIPEDA*).
• We'll review your privacy policies and, through a series of interviews with key members of your staff, we'll examine the procedures you have in place.
• We'll discuss the information you collect, how it's safeguarded and how it's used.
• We'll identify gaps that could mean you are not in compliance with regulations and help determine what adjustments you might want to consider.

Protect your customers.

Protecting any personal information you collect from your customers cuts across all company functions. Whether information is stored electronically or in hard copy files, it must be kept secure. And, it can only be used for purposes your customers have agreed to. Your responsible approach to customer information means staff are properly trained and that you have all the right processes in place with your suppliers to make sure your customers' or clients' personal information is kept private.

Protect your business.

Neglecting privacy regulations can mean financial penalties or having to invest in changing critical processes. Protect your business reputation by having sound privacy policies and procedures in place. You will reduce the risk of critical information being misused and may prevent potentially crippling legal expenses.

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Protect your customers. Protect your business.

Respecting the privacy of personal information is an ear-mark of trusted companies. The new Privacy Law* makes it more important than ever to collect and use personal information responsibly. A Bennett Gold One Day Privacy CheckUp© will help make sure you cover all the bases.

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The One Day Privacy CheckUp©
It's Just Good Business.

*Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act, effective January 1, 2004 for all businesses in Canada.

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